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  • Professional negotiation and review of "Purchase & Sale" agreement
  • Review of Title and plot plans to ensure your purchase is clear of liens or encroachments
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Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times of your life...and one of the more nerve-wracking.

Coordinating all the legal and financial pieces smoothly in order to get you into your new home before you have to leave your old home can be stressful.

Get An Attorney That Understands

We understand all of the emotions that come into play when buying your new home and we know how to navigate the legal and financial minefield that buyers face.

Government and banking rules make buying a new home not a place to price shop for the cheapest attorney. You need one who is knowledgeable about the ever changing laws and can make sure that your purchase is not crushed by some last minute fiasco that befalls less experienced lawyers.

Our law office provides helpful, constant communication with you during this period so you know immediately of changes or problems that can come up.

Some people price shop real estate attorneys, thinking they can save a few dollars. But there is a domino theory at work in most closings. If an inexperienced attorney makes a mistake causing a closing delay and you are already scheduled to move out of your current home, chaos ensues.

This is the worst real estate nightmare for most people.

Use A Lawyer That Helps You Feel In Control

You'll feel more in control of your destiny when you deal with the right attorney.

Alan Segal has been helping people close their new purchases for more than 30 years. He knows the financial regulations and title pitfalls of closing just as well as the legal aspects.

You can expect great communication and a friend that can help you through this process.

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"Alan Segal attorney at law is a top real estate attorney in the Needhan / Boston Ma area. If you are looking for help regarding a real estate closing (buying or selling) give his law firm a call.The Segal Law firm also helps landlords and tenants resolve disputes (depending on the unique circumstances of your real estate case).Highly Recommend" Brian French

"Top notch attorney with excellent attention to details. I have used Segal Law before and would do so for future legal needs." Karen Baloo

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